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    Krzysztof Żuradzki – specjalizuje się w obsłudze prawnej przedsiębiorców, w tym szczególnie polskich i zagranicznych spółek z sektora budownictwa, doradza również w zakresie transakcji związanych z nieruchomościami, w tym zbywanymi przez jednostki budżetowe.

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  • Wszędzie, wszystko, bez mrugnięcia okiem

    Aleksander Stuglik – specjalizuje się w międzynarodowej optymalizacji podatkowej, międzynarodowym prawie gospodarczym i prawie własności intelektualnej. Czynny menedżer pracujący dla spółek polskich i zagranicznych.

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    Andrzej Babilas – prowadzi procesy sądowe, doradza w sprawach karnych i rodzinnych.

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Tax Optimization

It’s a cliché to say that doing business in Poland means having to overcome various and often bizarre problems and obstacles that make business operations here less profitable than what would be possible if Poland offered convenient conditions for business. For those of our clients who are fed up with unfulfilled promises, tired of a legal system with absurd or self-contradictory provisions and gaps, sick of incompetent officials and sluggish court clerks, and for clients who would like to improve their business conditions for themselves, we offer a package of tax optimisation services. What we mean by tax optimisation is the design and implementation of solutions where the main goals are to reduce the tax and administrative burdens related to doing business, to increase profitability and to protect your income against excessive taxation. This is done by transferring all or part of your operations to a foreign jurisdiction where the conditions for doing business are more favourable than those offered in Poland.

Our clients' tax optimisation goals are achieved in a number of ways. One of the easiest ways is to prepare a strategy that involves business operations using a company registered in a country offering more favourable tax and administrative solutions. Such companies are commonly known as offshore companies, as they are established in tax havens. A popular misconception is that an offshore company is a suspicious business registered on a small island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. Not many people know that the USA, some EU countries (such as Hungary, Estonia, Cyprus or Ireland) or some Near East or Far East territories (e.g. Bahrain, Hong-Kong, Macau or Labuan) can also be considered as tax havens.

For demanding clients, we offer sophisticated solutions involving the use of foundations in Liechtenstein, holding companies in Luxembourg or the Netherlands, which are focused on tax-free intergenerational transfers of wealth, the protection of capital, low-tax or tax-free sale of shares in companies, or anonymous investments in Polish and/or foreign assets.

Our solutions are suited to the client's individual needs in terms of tax optimisation and pay off with a gross monthly income of PLN 15,000 or higher. Tax optimisation solutions are available to both well-established businesses and start-ups. In addition, some solutions prove effective also in the case of employees in well-paid jobs or freelancers.

Offshore territories (also known as offshore financial centres) offer Polish businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises, extremely favourable business conditions, opportunities, laws and regulations that encourage entrepreneurs to establish and develop operations in the territories. Incentives include, in particular, tax incentives such as full or partial tax exemptions. Although the European Union is trying to fight with offshore financial centres, they are so useful that they still exist and operate, and the prospects for them are truly bright.

Tax havens play a major role in the global economy. It is estimated that more than a half of the world’s assets are managed by offshore financial centres. The use of tax havens allows business owners to plan their legal situation through the use of favourable legislation and significant reductions in tax burdens.

Today, not only financial institutions, but also all businesses operating in various sectors and industries, including in modern technologies, choose tax havens as the destination for their operations. Businesses engaged in the sale of products, services, as well as manufacturers take advantage of the favourable conditions for business operations. Each offshore jurisdiction offers different conditions for doing business, depending on the history, administrative dependence, legislation, geographical location, political and economic situation or the social system. Tax havens as investment destinations owe their popularity to low costs. The costs of establishing a company and the annual maintenance cost of the company are a few times lower than for companies registered in jurisdictions without the tax haven status. Even the costs of establishing a complex holding structure with a parent company and a number of offshore companies is not very expensive.

The basic package of offshore company establishment services includes:

  • a tax and legal analysis of the possible ways of using offshore companies;
  • company name selection and registration (This includes checking the availability of the preferred company name and registering the company in accordance with the requirements of the offshore territory of the client's choice);
  • preparing a strategy for the company’s operation;
  • preparing the necessary documents, including share documents, powers of attorney and company seals (This package includes the preparation of all the required corporate documents in accordance with the standards applicable in the jurisdiction concerned and obtaining the company seal);
  • domicile services (Tax havens require companies to have a local registered office, a registered agent or even an attorney-in-fact and to prepare the required tax returns or reports and to pay the required fees and charges);
  • In addition, we offer office rental services, secretarial services, PO Box services, as well as phone / fax line services.

Different tax havens impose different accounting obligations on companies. While some tax haven jurisdictions require no accounting, others have strict accounting and audit regulations. There are also differences in archiving companies' details by the registrars or other authorities with similar powers and in data confidentiality standards. In some regions, they are only required to disclose the amount of capital and the name of the company, as such information is publicly available. In other regions, very detailed information must be disclosed.

Anyone considering starting up business operations abroad, in tax haven jurisdictions, should take into account all the applicable international regulations and the legal requirements in their own country to be met by the country’s nationals to be able to invest and do business abroad.



Aleksander Stuglik
E-mail: astuglik@twojakancelaria.com.pl
Phone: +48 32 202 42 97